Misr Memoir: Workshop Habibi-s

During the workshop which was being organized at Cairo, Egypt by the collective effort of CIC (Contemporary Image Collective)-Egypt, OUC (Oslo University College)- Norway and Pathshala- South Asian Media Institute- Bangladesh 30 enthusiast photographers from different school of thought emerged in one common platform and shared their views and ideas.

I planned to take everyones photos in the form of a typological portrait series and put them in my blog. So, this is for my photomates of the workshop, for those HABIBIs.

P.S. : The photos have been arranged in alphabetical order of the names. Photos are from different films (Kodak Gold 400, Kodak Ektar 100 & Kodak Portra NC 400) & have been developed from different places, mostly from Egypt. Hence the difference in color tone.

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