Artist Statement

“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”

– Diane Arbus

From a textile engineer to a  professional photographer – the transition adds to the secret bit by bit. Living alone in a new(!) city for about decade, made me encounter things. Things I am ashamed of, things I can be proud of, things that make me numb and things that make me scream. The delirium gets stronger and it’s needed to be channeled. Channeled in a way that can be shown, touched and felt.

The city intrigues me. It has made me an observer and to me photography is my way of channeling my observations, psychological absorptions and the metamorphosis I go through to confront the idea of my very own ‘reality’.

Works of masters like Diane ArbusPrabuddha Dasgupta and Masahisa Fukase have been inspired me from the beginning of this journey.

The myth of “changing the world” has nothing to do with my work. My non-commissioned works, as they suggest, are non-commissioned and personal. But, I believe, there is a vantage point where we can relate our experiences- one way or another. One’s observations may intrigue realization of many.

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