Corporate Clones

This series contains photos of young corporate professionals. Young people are generally perceived to be full of life, risk takers and many things, other than what they become when they join the corporate world; a world that makes them lifeless like machines. Similar to mass products that come out of assembly lines, corporate youths are repetitive simulacrum; one mere imitation of the other in their approach to life and consumerist philosophy. Analogous to mass products these corporate youths are tokens of corporations and markers of kitsch trend. All come with a smile when required and speak the same corporate language. I have chosen typological portraits to represent the corporate professionals in my work as I feel the approach with its soulless expression does justice to depicting the emptiness of the today’s capitalist culture, which has turned youths into products of its machine too.

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Corporate Clones

Corporate Clones

Publication in The Daily Star& Prothom Alo

Photo Published in The Daily Star &  Daily Prothom Alo

on 24/09/2012.


I wish I had someone to take my photo with them- my brother & my father.

I was in high school when my father gave me the idea of writing a diary. Soon, I started writing about how awful the weather was, how hard I got beaten by my teacher, about the boy I abhorred and even about the girl I started to like! But after several different encounters I understood that some thoughts were better be kept hidden and I left writing my diary.

Finished my study at  school, college and graduation in engineering as well.Along the way, I have lost that childish innocence, I have “evolved”. I have encountered things. Things I am ashamed of, things I can be proud of, things that make me numb and things that make me scream. The delirium gets stronger and it’s needed to be channeled. Channeled in a way that can be shown, touched and felt.

I am an observer and this blog is the evidence of my observations & absorptions.