Misr Memoir: Cairo Streets

First few days in Cairo were hectic. New country, unknown language, everything in exaggerated size ( i mean food of course) and what not! But as the days passed, we learnt what to do and what not to do. This is during that transition phase while we tried to get used to the streets of Cairo. This is the first outcome of the workshop or I may say “the warm up”s edited by our workshop instructors Philip Blenkinsop & Max Pam.

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Misr Memoir: Workshop Habibi-s

During the workshop which was being organized at Cairo, Egypt by the collective effort of CIC (Contemporary Image Collective)-Egypt, OUC (Oslo University College)- Norway and Pathshala- South Asian Media Institute- Bangladesh 30 enthusiast photographers from different school of thought emerged in one common platform and shared their views and ideas.

I planned to take everyones photos in the form of a typological portrait series and put them in my blog. So, this is for my photomates of the workshop, for those HABIBIs.

P.S. : The photos have been arranged in alphabetical order of the names. Photos are from different films (Kodak Gold 400, Kodak Ektar 100 & Kodak Portra NC 400) & have been developed from different places, mostly from Egypt. Hence the difference in color tone.

Misr Memoir: Workshop- Behind the scenes

Misr! Misr! A fascinating country to visit, but too tough to work on the streets. Along the five  days of workshop by Philip Blenkinsop & Max Pam– people laughed, got confused, got beaten by strangers, made wonderful friends, some kept sleeping and some emerged into the nostalgia of the Nile. What a wonderful life!!!


Update (May 24, 2013) :

By the way, this set of photos have been published in the wonderful site that our Norwegian friends made, titled “May be tomorrow project”. Its updates are available at their facebook page as well. It’s surely worth the time.